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Find the resources that you need to help you be a VOICE in your teens' life!

Parents: Your kids need you to talk with them about relationships and sexuality. They need you to tell them to wait, to help them navigate the issues they will be facing, and to know you will be a safe place if they mess up.  The Parent Portal is a resource for you, with articles, website links, and videos to help guide you. 


your kids have questions, do you have the answers?

Parents, your kids have questions, important life-impacting questions. They will search for answers among their friends and online when they don't hear the answers from you. Find help starting these important conversations with these effective and free resources. You will find articles and interactive videos. Topics include; racism, teen identity, masturbation, tattoos, anxiety, religion, and so much more. Click Image Below.

family conflict

Conflict in the home and with your teen can bump you off coarse and into dangerous territory. 

Your kid is not the problem, learn how to get to the root of the real problems. 

Click the link below for help navigating communication and conflict with your teen.

she's pregnant

That moment when you find out that your teen is pregnant, your heart stops. Words cannot describe the mixture of emotions and thoughts that can dominate our minds; sadness, disappointment, fear, pain, empathy, anger... 

Step 1 Get the Facts - LIFEBRIDGE can offer a free and confidential pregnancy test and options counseling, in addition a referral for a free ultrasound and medical services. 

Step 2 Don't Blow Up - Your teen needs you now to help guide them through the consequences of their choices. LIFEBRIDGE can also offer you help in these conversations and navigating the situations and circumstances that will arise.




Talking to our kids about sex is...let's just say "interesting".

The Whole Sex Talk is an online Video Series to help guide parents through the process of addressing the "whole" story with their kids.



Preview the Series Here

Password: lifebridge

Click Videos - 6 Sessions


Depression and anxiety not affect us as adults, it is prevalent in our teens. The stress of navigating life becomes impossible. 

Visit the link below to help start understanding depression and how to help.

You can also contact LIFEBRIDGE for information about THRIVE Mental Health Support Groups coming in 2021.

what's going on in that brain?

Ever wonder why your   pre-teen or teen seems to have lost their minds? 

You are on to something. 

Check out the link below for The Center for Relationship Education where you will find a great article on your teens' brain and more helpful resources. 

sex ed ?!?!

Parents, do you know what your kids are being taught? Have you heard that "Comprehensive Sex Education" is the new standard for schools across the nation? BE CONCERNED!

This is not comprehensive, it is immoral and shocking, with a very clear agenda. 

This section of our website is explicit, and password protected. There are a number of videos that are not appropriate for your young children to see. You need to be aware they are shocking and vulgar, and this is what is going to be the new normal. You have a say in this, be informed.


LBVOICE.ORG was designed for pre=teens and teens to help answer questions they had from a Moral perspective.


Topics cover relationships, depression, family conflict, not fitting in, social media, self image and much more. 


Teens can also write pieces to be published on the site to help them have a VOICE.

There is a fight for the hearts and minds of our youth, who will prevail? We can no longer ignore the blatant disregard for what is right, whole, and healthy for our kids. Parents, you are the loudest and strongest VOICE they have, they need you and need all of us to stand with them, to teach and  disciple them as they navigate LIFE.”

Catherine Johnson  Executive Director of LIFEBRIDGE of South Carolina

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