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Our organization benefits greatly from the relationships with our community and volunteers. The LIFE Team Volunteers are individuals who have a heart and passion for the Lord and for helping others. If you are interested in learning more about Volunteering with LIFEBRIDGE please CLICK HERE and we will reach out to you. 


We have outreach events and special projects throughout the year. We connect with our LIFE Team Volunteers to help. If you are interested in helping out from time to time and would like us to contact you with upcoming projects and event, please click HERE and we will contact you. 


We have a team of Christian Coaches & Educator who volunteer at the LIFE Care Center & Off-Site. These volunteers go through a background check, extensive training and hold a regular schedule for their services. If this sounds like something you would be interested in learning more about,  please click HERE and we will contact you. 


The Carolina Mommas is an outreach of LIFEBRIDGE of South Carolina. This group consists of Moms who have a heart and passion to encourage College Students. We spend time on campus each week handing out homemade cookies, starting conversations, being a listening ear, providing guidance and hugs as needed. 

CLICK HERE for more information.

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Dawn's LIFE Ministry Training Graduation

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