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There is a way out of seclusion and there is LIFE after...

 Abortion is not a flippant decision, it's most often an impossible decision often made out of desperation, fear, and the rationalization that this is the only way to end this crisis.

Abortion may seem to be the only way to end a crisis but this one decision comes with a lifetime of ramifications. 

Are you being bullied into believing that the sin of abortion is unforgivable? Do you think that continuing to keep this choice in your past a secret, is the best thing?

It's time to let God show you just how much He loves you and to show you a new life beyond the secrets and seclusion. Click HERE for more information about how we can provide confidential help and hope after...

Healing After Abortion

Abortion, pregnancy loss, infant loss...are not just women's issues. Men are impacted deeply by loss but express their grief differently. 

There have been over 60 Million Abortions in the U.S. since 1973. That is 60 Million plus men who are walking through life knowing the truth behind the abortion(s) they participated in. 

You are not alone! It is time for you to deal with the losses and find the recovery they will push you forward. At LIFEBRIDGE, we have men who will walk alongside you as you find your footing after...

Men Healing After Abortion

One in four pregnancies ends in a devastating loss. Grief hits like a tidal wave, and batters you with questions:

Why me?

How could God allow this to happen?

Did I do something wrong?

Where is my baby now?

Can I survive this?

We are here to help you on your journey to finding hope and healing after the loss of your child. 

You also may know of someone who needs help, we can provide online resources, support groups, and private Bible Study sessions to help you find hope and healing after..., 

Healing After Miscarriage & Infant Loss
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