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Abuse & Violence in any form is unacceptable!

Mental and emotional abuse through manipulation, anger, guilting, ridiculing, putting down, highlighting past mistakes repeatedly, foul abuse language are all WRONG!


Physical and sexual abuse through hitting, spitting, grabbing, pushing, forcing touch, forcing sex, choking, holding down, aggressive tickling are all WRONG! 

Female to female, female to male, male to male, male to female, child to child, child to adult, adult to child are all WRONG!

Old to old, old to young, young to young, young to old are all WRONG!


Whether you are the one being abused, the one doing the abusing or you are seeing someone being abused or being an abuser you have the power to STOP IT NOW! Here are 3 Simple Action Steps.

  1. Decide to take action NOW - Don't wait!

  2. Contact Help. 911 - Sistercare 803-765-9428 - Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE              SISTERCARE.ORG        NEWBERRY DSS          NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE

  3. Do not allow verbal, emotional, physical abuse to be acceptable in your home or workplace. Speak up and clearly communicate these behaviors are WRONG and will not be tolerated. 

  • If you are being abused yourself leave the situation and go to a safe place your abuser will not look for you and contact help. You can go to the Police or Sheriff's Department and walk-in or call 911 in the parking lot. 

  • If you are aware of someone being abused you can use the same contacts. 911 if it is currently happening. Go to a safe place to call, do not let the abuser know you are calling for help.

  • If you are aware of the abuse of a child, call and make a report with the Department of Social Services (803) 321-2155 (Press 2) You may remain anonymous
    After Hours Reporting:
    (803) 321-2222 Newberry County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch

  • If you are the abuser, you can use the same contacts to start the process of ending a destructive cycle in your life. 

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