There is no question that adoption is a hard choice and there is no easy answer to an unplanned pregnancy. Yet many find this decision to be one that will provide the life they desire for their child. While you may have an idea of how adoption works, the adoption process has changed significantly in recent years. There are many different types of adoption available and we can help answer questions you may have. We can also connect you with adoption agencies in the area. At the bottom on this page you can make an appointment with a CHOSEN Adoption Liaison to discuss if adoption may be an option for you.




In open adoption, birth parents and adoptive parents often communicate directly. Parties may exchange contact information and agree on periodic visits. In open adoption, adoptive parents commonly mail pictures and letters to the birth parent so that the birth parent is kept informed about her or his child’s life.



Semi-open adoption involves the limited sharing of information between birth parents and adoptive parents through a third party, like an adoption agency. Both the birth and adoptive parents will know basic information about each other. Most communication is done through the third party.


In confidential adoption, little to no information about both birth and adoptive parents is shared. The extent of communication, as with all types of adoption, is determined in advance and agreed upon by the birth parent and adoptive parent.



CHOSEN Adoption Liasion Services offers a private setting to explore the option of adoption. When you bravely face the difficult decision of choosing adoption for your unborn child, it is important to have accurate information and a strong support system. Our adoptions liaisons will help you explore the different kinds of adoption, uncover misconceptions, provide tools to help you evaluate adoption facilitators to help you navigate the adoption process. We also provide ongoing prenatal education and support services throughout your pregnancy for you, your partner and your family. 

We invite you to meet with a CHOSEN Adoption Adviser to:


Clarify and define the roles & responsibilities of a parent

Honest Appraisal of current life circumstances and decision making

Open discussion about concerns & fears surrounding adoption

Seeing adoption through my child's eyes

Envision Life beyond this moment, making a plan

Need to Knows - "I want them to know..."

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