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The Carolina Mommas is an outreach of LIFEBRIDGE of South Carolina. This group consists of Moms who have a heart and passion to encourage College Students. We spend time on campus each week handing out homemade cookies, starting conversations, being a listening ear, providing guidance and hugs as needed. 

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Carolina Mommas

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Carlina Mommas
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sweet Treat Ladies

As a one of our Sweet Treat Ladies you would be on a schedule to bake, bag and deliver 2 Dozen Cookies to LIFEBRIDGE on Monday morning. Every week we will need 12 Dozen Cookies to take to Campus. You can choose the frequency of your baking. 

  • LIFEBRIDGE will coordinate the baking schedule.

  • Hair nets need to be worn during mixing, baking and bagging cookies. Gloves for handling the cookies. Hairnets, gloves, cookie bags and stickers will be provided by LIFEBRIDGE.

  • Only approved cookie recipes will be used. (Chocolate Chip, Sugar Cookie, M & M Oatmeal Monster Cookie, Chocolate/Chocolate Chip) No nuts or peanut butter in any recipe or in the area that you are baking or bagging cookies. 

  • Uniform sizes (3 inch around) and quantities requested (2 Dozen bagged individually). One cookie per bag. 

  • Special seasonal cookies will be offered as a baking option. If nuts are included, stickers must be applied. Approval of seasonal cookies must be done first. Frosted cookies must have hard frosting. 

  • One batch of Gluten Free Cookies will be offered per week if available. 

  • Please coordinate with LIFEBRIDGE staff if cookie making supplies are needed or cookie transport. 

Thank You

Chocolate Chip Cookies
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