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There is no question that adoption is a hard choice and there are no easy answers. Often people dismiss the idea of adoption due to valid and legitimate concerns. CHOSEN Adoption Liaison Services offers a private setting to explore adoption. Our adoptions liaisons will give you a neutral space to share your thoughts and feelings. They will share the different kinds of adoption that are available, help uncover misconceptions, and address the concerns you and your family may have. Because we are not an adoption agency, we can provide tools to help you evaluate adoption facilitators and agencies and help you navigate the adoption process. We also provide ongoing prenatal education and support services throughout your pregnancy for you, your partner and your family. 

We invite you to meet with a CHOSEN Adoption Adviser to:

Clarify and define the roles & responsibilities of a parent

Honest Appraisal of current life circumstances and decision making

Open discussion about concerns & fears surrounding adoption

See adoption through my child's eyes

Envision Life beyond this moment, making a plan

Need to Knows - "I want them to know..."

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