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Knowledge + You = Empowerment

Questions about STD's are common and often answered incorrectly. Well meaning friends may share their limited experience and knowledge with us, trying to help us find the information we are looking for. In the area of STD's, accurate knowledge is vital to protect you from a life changing virus or potentially tragic disease.

Each PDF below will provide you with a medically accurate description of the STD, how it is spread, what the symptoms are, the treatments available depending on the level of infection, and if the STD is curable. 

Pretending that you don't have anything to worry about or that there is nothing wrong because you don't have symptoms, is a huge mistake. Don't let your fears cost you your promising future. 

Could I be at risk?

If you have been involved with sexual activity involving skin to skin contact, you are at risk. Many STD's have hidden symptoms and other symptoms can be easily ignored.

Get Tested! contact us for a referral. 

We provide free confidential consultations and referrals. We are a non-medical facility and do not offer services or treatment at our location. Contact your Primary Care Provider concerning any medical concerns or emergencies. 

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