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Have you ever wondered why you struggle in relationships? Maybe you always choose "the wrong one" or wonder why you are still in this relationship that makes you feel so bad, or maybe you think you found "the right one" and just don't want to mess it up. 


To say relationships are complicated and amazing at the same time would be an understatement. There are questions and issues in every relationship; parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, partners...etc. Questions about how to have good relationships, who is my perfect match, and am I getting XES backward. There are also issues that can lead to confusion, disappointment, and conflict; sometimes pointing inward, tearing at us, and changing us, other times pointed at others tearing at our relationship and changing them.


Relationships 101 is built around helping you answer those questions and deal with the issues that you may be encountering. Come build your relationship knowledge; you can meet individually or bring a friend or partner.

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