2017 Inspired LIFE Project

Each year we visit Newberry College and have the Students & Faculty help us with our Inspired LIFE Project. 

Each person was asked to consider the things that could and maybe will happen in their life that could potentially stop them from Graduating or going forward with life, such as the things listed here.


Then, we asked them to plan ahead for this and determine how they will deal. Who or what is going to help them get through these difficulties. We shared that we all experience these things in our lifetimes and that how we get through them is vital. 

The students then wrote the answer on a piece of torn paper that will be assembled together into an Inspired LIFE Art Piece. (See 2017 below). 

Some people shared that they were already experiencing things. We asked them to take an Inspired LIFE Card and follow the project online.


We are linking some resources below for anyone looking for some help on these topics, we are also here to help. Contact@lifebridgesouthcarolina.org


2019 Inspired LIFE Project