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We are excited to have you join us for a Baby Bottles & Beyond. This is not only an "awareness" campaign for the services offered here at LIFEBRIDGE but a sweet little fundraiser that families can get involved with. Your church, business, family or group can sign up to have a Baby Bottles & Beyond campaign any time during the year. Many churches like to coordinate the dates with the Sanctity of Human Life Month each January, others choose Mother's Day to Father's Day for their event. We will provide you with paper baby bottle envelopes, display, materials and instructions for a successful presentation. 

You can also add in the Bear Hugs to this event. A great way to keep yourself and your group connected with LIFEBRIDGE. CLICK Here for Details.

This is also the opportunity for us to share with you the free services offered by LIFEBRIDGE in Greater Newberry County. We are thrilled to come and share with your group/congregation any time during the year. Click HERE for more information about our Services and HERE for more information about getting involved.

Material Donations: Our Boutique is full at this time, you can contact our office for specific needs throughout the year. We do need Sponsors to purchase Baby Bundles and New Believers Bundles throughout the year. Call Ashley for details: 803.276.4173 or CLICK HERE for Contact Form

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